ChangingBodiesYour pastlife images dramatize people in earlier times who feel like you in another life.  The pastlife persons you identify with have entire histories you can access as though they were your own.

Pastlife images exaggerate and explain your pain, confusion and scripts.  You feel current, childhood and birth pain as though it belonged to someone you used to be.

Your current pain, dramatized in pastlife images, seems distant enough from you now that you can forgive yourself and others involved and drop the decisions and ideas corresponding to the pastlife, attitudes that still influence you in this.  You can drop your

present automatic emotional reactions to current situations that resonate the feelings of the pastlife drama you enacted. You can release your current bodily contractions and impulses which you associate with the pastlife you relived.

Use Past-Life Therapy for self-exploration to help you access the symbolic realm, using hypnosis and guided imagery. Your past life images exaggerate and explain current pain, confusion and dysfunctional scripts. Forgive yourself and others involved, drop self-limiting ideas. Release unexpressed impulses locked in your body. If needed, you deal with souls attached to your past lives. You image guides who show you lessons those past lives held. The guides tell you how to end the ill-influences of the past lives. Heal past pains to experience today’s gains. 

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