dialogueLearn how to become a Voice Dialogue facilitator. Use Voice Dialogue Centering, the personal growth system developed by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone to access, own and integrate your shadow and spiritual selves–your less  known inner voices (also known as personality aspects, roles, subselves, subpersonalities, egos). You center  yourself when you hold the tension between opposed inner voices. Centered, you recognize, embrace and coordinate your protective, vulnerable, instinctual and spiritual subselves. Centering’s easier when you review how you develop your many inner selves.

Voice Dialogue Articles:
Centering:  Voice Dialogue Explores Spiritual, Shadow Selves
Self: Honor Your Inner Critic
Benefit From Bonding
Choreograph Your Voices  

Heal A Lover’s Hurts: Imago Management Exercise
Jealousy-Compersion Dialogue
Benefit from Bonding: Own Selves Partner Carries
Honor the Inner Partnership Archetype
Guide Voice Dialogue
Survey Several Selves Concerning Sex
Chat with an Archetype
Dialogue with Your Higher Self
Appreciate Your Pleaser But Talk to Your Taker Too

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