Sometime, your psyche will flood you.  Your psyche–the mysterious, inner you–engulfs you with images, voices, sensations, emotions and intuitions

Spiritual Emergency is a relatively new term for what many societies recognize as Shamanic Initiation into heightened power and perception for the good of the community.  The initiate is–in our society, as in less technological ones–psychically flooded.


PEAKS. You merge momentarily with another person, creatures, nature, the universe. You transcend time  and space, feel ecstasy and choose true love, justice, beauty.

KUNDALINI QUICKENING. Heat and energy rush up your spine, shake and twist you, shake your chakras. Peace, sorrow, fear, rage, then rapture run you. You may relive birth and prior lives. You could, in a trance, sing ancient chants, perform sacred dances or do yoga poses. You might meet an archetype.

DYING (ALMOST). You (and, usually, a Being of Light) review your life. You learn love and wisdom.

PSYCHIC SEEING. You know how events fit together. Perhaps you intuit what your eyes don’t see. Or foresee scenes, view yourself from afar or know what other people think.

RETURN TO CENTER TO RENEW. You drop your bland self-image, get grandiose, then–with support–mature. But first you imagine yourself responsible for a final war of good and evil. You may waver between feeling male or female. You obsess on death, sacrifice, martyrdom. You go on an inner quest, unite with a divine archetype. You return to save the world.

GUIDES, CHANNELED WISDOM. You get guides, who teach you to teach others.

SHAMANIC IMAGERY. Demons tear, kill, eat you. Then you link with plants, animals or natural forces. Healed yourself, you return to everyday life and use your link to heal others.

PERINATAL PATTERNS. You relive, remember, re-experience, or symbolize womb-life and birth.

PASTLIFE PICTURES. You see yourself and people you know in other bodies in prior lives. The past lives explain your fears, body woes and why certain people now attract, anger or repel you.


Share your psychic flooding with friends who let you express feelings.  Discuss, intensify and expand your experience in a holotropic or other spiritually-oriented growth group. Talk with a transpersonal counselor. Explore ways to use your insights in everyday life.

* Based on Grof, S. and C., Spiritual Emergency: When Personal Transformation Becomes Crisis, New York: St. Martins, 1989.

Spiritual Emergence Private Counseling Sessions $150/hour, Minimum 1 Hour

Spiritual Emergence Private Tutorials $150, hour, Minimum 1 Hour


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