30ro6rqWe at the School of Counseling envision a peaceful world of loving, conscious, functional, healthy relationships which encourages freedom of choice, the pursuit of happiness and operates from win-for-all. To create such a world requires a major shift in knowledge, information and a willingness to shift to higher awareness. Through education, personal growth work, focus and intention we create awareness, become conscious and enlightened (full of light), centered and remove barriers to humanity’s bliss. Utopia unfolds, blossoms. The School of Counseling is an educational and healing facility that empowers its students to become the best they can be in the shortest time possible in order to enrich their lives and serve themselves and all of humanity more fully.

We exist to assist and accelerate Earth’s evolution. Education gives each of us the freedom to do as we wish. With knowledge we create right-livelihood for ourselves. With information we overcome cultural programming and conditioning. With understanding we make conscious choices. With wisdom we are aware even in the midst of a society that is unaware. Like the calm in the midst of the eye of a hurricane, our graduates hold sacred space for healing. We shine a light, show the way for the rest of the world to return to love. Together we become co-creators with the divine. United we consciously create, utilize every soul to their greatest advantage. We recognize each person’s value and worth as essential pieces in the universal design.

At the School of Counseling, students become healers and teachers; practitioners at their particular level of interest. Students focus on learning the skills they need to do their chosen profession.

All-Chakra Tantra, as taught at the School of Counseling, involves seven chakra levels of awareness. Many believe that tantra is about sex. True, sex is a part of tantra but tantra’s far more complicated than that. Tantra is a highly sophisticated spiritual path as well a fine art form and a discipline which promotes healing, remembrance and connection to Source.

Sex is only one seventh of the entire practice of tantra. During the course of their studies, students become conscious at all levels of awareness. They chose the aspects of tantra they desire to focus on for themselves and teach to others. Our graduates become teachers and healers who utilize their own innate talents combined with the skills they learn at the school and create a practice or lifestyle that best resonates with their own energy, value system and personal choices.

At the School of Counseling we support one another at our base chakras. We help one another create means to generate right livelihood that utilize our talents and desires for fulfillment. We promote healing the wounds of our Inner Children. These wounds were created by multiple generations of dysfunction, negative social programming, physical and emotional abuse, patriarchy, hierarchy and war. The time is now for this cycle to stop. We pledge ourselves to become conscious at this, our root chakra which is our foundation, so that we can move forward and build upward from a strong base and become actualized beings in physical bodies.

At the School we support each other to find true delight in our genital chakra; the home of sexuality, sensuality and reproduction. This is the chakra where most individuals hold trauma and experience their greatest pain. Additionally, we recognize that our society is most wounded in our sexual chakra and that wound is projected outward from the individual and appears in the world as relationship dysfunction, illness, pain, violence, pathology, crime and in its most perverse expression, war. Societies that have healthy means of sexual expression are far more peaceful than those that are sexually repressed. Such is the depth and intensity of this wound and the harm it causes for all of us, if we examine no other factor than the correlations between sexuality and human behavior, we will more than likely find the means to cure those ills and secure world peace and global harmony in one generation.

We honor the need in each of us for creative expression in our sexuality and recognize the divine connection between sexuality, spirituality and our psychic abilities. Orgiastic energy and it’s creative potential is found universally in everything from physical orgasm in animals and insects during procreation to the creation of the universe itself, as represented in the Big Bang theory.

We encourage women to experience their birthright–free their ejaculate and enjoy a wider range of sensuality and sexual bliss than is normally permitted in our traditional, repressive society. Through orgasms, we women heal ancient wounds, balance hormones, release toxins and chemicals in our bodies, relieve stress and become free and happy as we connect fully with the orgasmic energy of the universe.

We encourage men to master ejaculatory control which enables them to experience many levels of orgasms, rather than just one, and as a result, expand awareness and discover their true potential. Awareness allows for greater healing. Both men and women awaken kundalini through these sacred, tantric practices which leads them to self-actualization. By riding the wave of our sexual energies, both men and women become more conscious and consciousness creates universal healing for all beings.

At the School we recognize that sexuality and spirituality are the same. We encourage members to heal their genital chakras, overcome the limitations and repression imposed on them as a result of the shame and guilt they’ve internalized around our sexuality.

As we extricate limiting cultural conditioning and religious programming, we heal both individually and as a society. We reprogram ourselves with positive attitudes about sex. The more we reconnect to our sexuality, the more we become psychically aware. We remember who we are. We become conscious.

At the School of Counseling, we empower each other to do the best in life as we clear negative energies in our belly chakras, the feeling center where many of our emotions and passions originate. We recognize that unexpressed emotions, such as anger, when repressed may stick in the gut. Tension becomes stuck and can create a chakra block in our belly chakra which may spread energetically throughout our bodies to our psyche and affect our entire system. We support each other in healing this chakra by learning how to take what’s rightfully ours while we support our lovers, friends and family to take what’s rightfully theirs. We learn how to set appropriate boundaries. Through balancing this chakra, we achieve our heart’s desires as fully-empowered beings.

Love abounds when we support our members at the heart chakra. We open our hearts fully to one another through the extensive us of heart-expanding exercises and various healing methodologies . We love more fully, adore our beloveds, get sweet and romantic. We balance Giver and Taker as we learn how to both send and receive love with grace and beauty. As we embrace and love all beings, we connect to divine love and respect their right to life. We boldly, dare to surrender, be vulnerable with one another. We’re amazed how safe we feel as we let go, merge and dive deep into intense, juicy intimacy. With this process, we transcend and discover unconditional love, that perfect state of being.

When we clear our throat chakras and learn how to communicate clearly with empathy and love, we do the greatest healing for ourselves individually. When communication is unclear, we experience our greatest pain. But healing communication radiates out and benefits our entire planet. We all need to be heard, feel understood, receive empathy and have our needs met. When we lack avenues to clear our internal pain, our inner struggles can create external wars that can be projected out onto others and effect everyone around us.

As we support each other at our throat chakras, we learn how to talk straight with love. We clearly state our emotions, needs and make specific requests of our lovers. We learn how to especially express affection, love and our desires. We tactfully tell our truth or when appropriate, remain lovingly silent. We communicate honestly, are authentic and real. We sing our true song proudly and encourage others’ to do so as well.

For our psychic (third-eye) chakra, we share and expand visions for ourselves, lovers, community and world as we activate and encourage one another. We intuit each others’ thoughts and feelings. We honor our intellect and balance it with all the parts of ourselves. We realize we’re more than what we think. We meld minds with kids, parents, friends and beloveds. We sense our connections to community and the world. We allow dreams, past life images and fantasies to guide us, no longer stifling imaginations. We encourage one another to excel, soar and realize that anything is possible.

At the crown chakra we transcend our skin-encapsulated self sense, merge with lovers. We become one with beloveds, family, community, world, the Universe and the Divine. The energies of all the chakras now fully move through us and we experience unity consciousness. We develop an ever-expanding aware ego, become enlightened, conscious and centered. We return to our origin; to source, light and love. We experience the wonder of our multi-dimensional selves and remember who we really are. Our vision clears, we see the face that’s been before us all along, we smile and blissfully touch the face of God.

We accomplish all these wondrous things through the practical application of these principals at the School of Tantra. The School of Tantra, as it expands, will establish campuses in every community on the planet. Our graduates will staff these branches, our roots shoot deep into the Earth, with conviction, create a strong foundation for global healing and unification to begin. Humanity needs you to join our team of tantra teachers to enable humanity to pierce the veil, remember our oneness, reconnect us back to source and begin treating each and every one of us with the kindness, love and the respect we all deserve.

If you find yourself in alignment with our vision and wish to help, learn, practice, heal, grow or play with us, please contact us at 808-244-4103, email: schoolofcounseling@gmail.com, School of Counseling, 1371 Malaihi Road, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 96793.

With Divine Love and Commitment to the Conscious Evolution of Humanity,

Janet Kira Lessin, P.T.S. & Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.
Founders of the School of Counseling

1371 Malaihi Road
Wailuku, HI 96793

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