NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE*: A Path to Enlightenment 
Excerpts from “Near Death” by Russell Scott Brinegar in EXPERIENCERS CONSCIOUS CONTACTEES*  and Dr. Sasha Lessin, “Fathom Finitude” in TEACH TANTRA** 

Excerpts from “Near Death” by Russell Scott Brinegar in EXPERIENCERS CONSCIOUS CONTACTEES*  and Dr. Sasha Lessin, “Fathom Finitude” in TEACH TANTRA**


 Almost dying or considering your death can be enlightening. People who barely escape death mature and feel more connected to life.  Survivors of falls, near-drowning, combat, cardiac arrest and attempted suicide wind-up more spiritual, joyous and relaxed than before. Golden Gate suicide survivors–miserable when they leaped–transformed as they fell.  In the seconds before they hit water, they reviewed their lives. 

Rescued, they started solving their problems; they savored life, helped others and valued the divine more. East Indians deployed doom to spur the spiritual.  They threw a disturbed man to de-fanged cobras or to an elephant, trained to charge but not crush.  Or they staged a trial, sentence, execution and last-minute pardon.  American Plains Indians, initiating youths to spiritual adulthood, also staged near-fatal ordeals.  Amazon Indians to this day evoke psychedelic death-visions in new shamans. 

Patients in psychedelic therapy likewise experienced dying, karmic life-review and spiritual deepening. People of every age, culture and religion who die then revive report similar experiences.  You know you died, feel peace, float out of your body.  Loving relatives and friends who already died guide you to a light.  A Being of Light reviews your life and shows you its purpose: learning and love. When you almost die, you appreciate life more, take joyous responsibility, think more clearly and upset yourself less about trivia. After a near-death, you believe in an afterlife and no longer fear death.  You love others more and seek further education.  You connect with everyone and everything.


Russell Brinegar almost died of a heart attack and had a near-death experience (NDE) that showed him the underlying interdimensional nature of reality and propelled him to study UFOs and the paranormal. He delved into the supernatural, the reality of flying saucers and their occupants, influences of UFO lore, and the ultimate purposes of the UFOs that have haunted Earth for millennia.


          Accept that your physical body will die and you move to live with full vitality, individuality and commitment.  Realize you and others will die prompts you to make authentic, intimate, feelingful, expressive contact.  Knowing you’ll die gives you timetables for the tasks you’ve chosen to give meaning to your life.  When you choose to die you take responsibility for creating your individual, unique life in the limited amount of time you have.  This is the only opportunity you have to fully savor this moment. Carpe diem.

          Accept your bodymind death and the hierarchy of consciousness and you can identify with broader regions of consciousness (such as a humanitarian cause, transcendent art, an archetypical deity form or unity consciousness). 


Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Alter any suggestions below to fit your circumstances or preferences.


If you, or someone you know, lost someone yesterday, this emotional release meditation may help. Let your feelings out, let your body move, make sounds to express how you feel. You emotions may come in waves.

Sit comfortably, look at a picture of the person you lost. Then close your eyes. Breathe deeply.

Imagine your lost one is here with you now. Make the sounds of how you feel. Allow tears, wails, shouts, sounds, words, whatever wants to release.

Let the spirit of you friend who transitioned yesterday has something to communicate to you. Receive the message. Hear what your loved one’s spirit has to say.

Respond to what your loved one tells you.

Establish a dialogue with your beloved’s spirit.

Say what you need to share with her or him.

Reminisce on what you shared.

Talk about what feels unfinished to you.

Speak and release any resentments you have toward her or him and take responsibility for your part.

Voice your appreciations.

Say what you learned from each other, what life developments your made together.

Let your departed one’s sprit tell you its appreciations for you

Tell her or him what you forgive her or him for, or that you’re open to forgiveness when it’s right.

Hear his or her spirit forgive you too.

Let her or him tell you if they have any unfinished business on this plane that you can help with, that they need done so they can move to the next plane.

Ask if there’s anything you can do for your beloved’s relatives, friends, pets.


Visualize your dearest living person. Imagine she or he has only a few hours of life left, hours to spend with you.

Talk to this beloved, or, if she or he is not present, speak to her or him in your mind or aloud now, as though it’s the last time you’ll converse in this life.

Commit to talking and behaving with this person with the knowledge she or he may die any time.


Imagine you have one week left to live. Fantasize a final get-together with the people and animals who mean the most to you.

Tell all, some, or one of them any unfinished, incompletely expressed feelings you have. Let them know any angry, regretful or negative feelings, any withholds, secrets, desires you held back.

Tell them what you appreciate and forgive them for.

Tell them what you’d like to do with them in this, your last week of life.


Imagine dying.

Say your last words and thoughts.

Imagine your heart stops beating.

Forgive yourself for your faults and shortcomings.

Separate from your body’s suffering and identify with your soul.

See from above, the people nearby.

Try, but fail, to talk to and touch people nearby.

Realize you’re dead. Imagine dying.

Say your last words and thoughts. Imagine your heart stops.

Feel any pain you inflicted on others.

Forgive yourself and anyone you resented.

Separate from your body and suffering. Feel relief and peace.

See, from above, the people nearby.  Try, but fail to talk to and touch them. Realize you died.

Imagine you’re at your own funeral.

Notice the music, flowers, those present.

Let each person you care about come before your remains, and as they do, know what they think and feel and what, were you not dead, you’d say and how you’d move toward each.

Express your feelings.

Deliver your Eulogy. Say the meaning of your life, the love you shared and knowledge you gained.

Imagine you’re coffin or urn put in its resting place.

Read the memorial inscription.

Whoosh down a tunnel. Arrive at the bardo, the interlife.

Bring before you the spirits of each person and animal you harmed or who harmed you. With each, discuss your interactions while you were alive from the perspective of the interlife

Let a Being of Light, the karmic guide or the Life-Review Committee, show you the main events of your life and their consequences for others.

Witness the love you gave. Notice what you learned from your life, what you contributed to humanity, to the consciousness of the cosmos.

See what you need to complete–your missions and purposes–before you die “for real.” Return to this world.

Wiggle your toes. Open and close your hands. Stretch. Swallow twice. Open your eyes; look at three things you enjoy seeing. Listen for three sounds you enjoy.


Imagine you spiral forward through time in a time machine. You pop out in a very special future life, your ideal future.

In the future life you enter, you’ve assimilated all the lessons of your prior incarnations, including the one you just left.

Notice the details of this ideal future.



In EXPERIENCERS: CONSCIOUS CONTACTEES, Janet Kira Lessin and her writers invite you to join their community of ambassadors of more loving consciousness. Tune into the benign awarenesses in space, other dimensions, Inner Earth and your very own DNA. Open to beings that urge us to survive, stop suffering, thrive and ascend to a loving, spiritually-oriented cooperative planet.

Experiencers until the recent past kept their encounters private to avoid ridicule, punishment or even pluralistic ignorance of how many millions have had ET, paranormal or spiritual experiences. They and you too maybe have had 3D encounters, near death experiences, rebirths, remote views, astral visits, guide visitations, ghosts communication, teleportation, entheogenic journeys, hypnotic regressions and deep meditations. You’ve boarded alien craft, been on Admiralty, Corporate and extraterrestrial bases.

Together, let us lower the veils of the perverted paradigm that shroud the loving oneness that is our spirit-right. Remember who we really are beneath the matrix; our souls remember we are one with each other and all.

According to the latest surveys millions have been abducted by aliens. One contactee revealed that he was told by ET that all human beings are taken at punctuated periods of their lives, tested and analyzed for various factors known only by ET, and then some are chosen for ongoing contact throughout their lives. Based on that information we’re all experiencers yet don’t know it because the memories of our encounters are blocked.

Abductees are among the groups that are studied by Experiencer organizations such as F.R.E.E. aka The Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters. According to their website (, experiencer categories include: NDEs (near death experiences), OBEs (out of body experiences), Hallucinogenic/Entheogenic natural substances, hypnotic regression, Mystical Meditation Travel, Channeling, Remote Viewing, and human encounters with non-human intelligence, and related paranormal contact experiences. Thus we focus on all types of paranormal contact experiences.

is a manual for you to experience advanced tantra and teach it to other people.
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