The study of the modern alien abduction phenomenon actively began in the 1960s with pioneer researchers like Budd Hopkins. Over the years psychiatrists like Harvard’s John Mack, M.D. (Abduction, Passport to the Cosmos) and Temple University professor David M. Jacobs, Ph. D. (Secret Life, The UFO Conspiracy in America) discovered, much to their surprise, many of their patients had experienced encounters and abductions which were revealed while they were hypnotized for other, unrelated issues.

We too have learned how to help abductees integrate their experiences. John Mack taught abduction psychotherapy to Dr. Lessin and the other trainees in Stan Grof’s (LSD Psychotherapy, Spiritual Emergency) 1988-1990 Holotropic Breathwork Trainings. Dr. Lessin also studied therapy for past-life abductions in his training as a Jungian Past life Therapist with Dr. Roger Woolger (Other Lives, Other Selves). Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin and Janet Kira Lessin work extensively with Contactees, Abductees, Paranormal, Milabs and Secret Space Program Experiencers to help them recover blocked memories, recover lost pieces of their souls, process, cathart, reprogram and integrate, become conscious, aware and centered and develop an Aware Ego.

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