polyamory-quiz-ch150ALTERNATIVE RELATIONSHIPS, POLYAMORISTS, PLAYCOUPLES, SWINGERS, LIFESTYLERS faciliated by Janet Kira Lessin & Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.

Like it or not all humans are not monogamous.  Humans come in many different sexual orientations and genders.  Many just don’t fit into the “normal box”. And what is normal anyway?

Perhaps you feel stuck because you’ve tried to fit yourself in a box that never quite fit.  Maybe you’re ready to break out of your monogamy shell.  Do you feel stuck in your current situation and would like something different?  Perhaps you never realized you had options?  You may have felt you were broken or needed to be fixed in some way.

Three young adults talking and laughing

So what to do?  How do you break out and discover who you really are.  Are you unsure how to do it? What new relationship style do you wish to pursue? What are my options? What’s the difference between the types? Are you single? A couple? How will this new lifestyle affect my relationship? Can I do this lifestyle if I’m hetero and my partner’s bi? I’m bi-curious, where do I begin? Can I convince my partner to do this and if so, should I?

These and many other questions are explored in your Alternative Relationship Session with the Lessins.


Same sex marriages are sanctioned in open-minded, progressive areas worldwide. Debates abound. Laws are launched. Legislation’s lobbied. We’re experiencing the birth pangs of a new us, but look out! We’re coming out strong and we sure are awesome!

Madonna tongues Brittany Spears, live, in front of millions. Swinger Clubs open everywhere, around the globe. Ladies at the clubs embrace bisexuality openly, willingly. Men curious, lag behind, but how far?

polyamory-5fda72b17f0dd57f_gmp.previewSociety sick of infidelity long for honesty and openness. When will we at last free to be who we really are instead of hiding our thoughts, wants, desires and longings from everyone, including our mates?

Time for play. The sun’s shining, rainbow’s bright. A new day is dawning. The past becomes the now. We come full circle into the Golden Age.

Our Bonobo roots show us the eroticism of our natural, animal natures. No longer fooled by domination programming, we free ourselves from “sin” and cultural inhibitions that served the Piscean age of patriarchy. Free, we realize we’ve outgrown ancient, restrictive ideas that no longer serve our new, centered, balanced male to female, yinyang, Aquarian partnership society. As we make love not war with renewed enthusiasm, we embrace a more civilized civilization that honors the uniqueness and special qualities of one and all and recognize sexual freedom as a healthy expressions of our true nature.


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