relationships-img1120602021_1_1COUPLES COUNSELING & RELATIONSHIP ENHANCEMENT with Janet Kira Lessin & Sasha Lessin, Ph. D.

The Lessins share ways to enhance intimacy, growth, healing and passion, establish paths to lasting love in deep, profound, respectful, caring relationships. They coach you to communicate authentically and safely, to respect and start to heal each other’s deep hurts. You learn to relate to your beloved from a discerning, centered perspective.

From your center, or Aware Ego, you become conscious of your diverse inner-voices and your sweetheart’s. You recognize your disowned energies in each other’s attitudes and behaviors. You show your sweetheart the fear, pain and vulnerability you feel inside. You learn when and how to let the Inner Child in each of you connect again.

Heal ancient and current wounds
Reconnect after coming apart
Forgive infidelity
Rediscover romance in your relationship
Create a more balanced life

1 hour $150.00 (USD)

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