Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. &   Janet  Kira Lessin Unsure where to go, what to do, how to do it and when? Take time to sort it out, find direction and make conscious choices and the Lessins coach you using all the latest psychotechnologies and communication tools at our disposal. Ultimately the answers come from within but sometimes it takes reflection and careful evaluation to gain clarity to follow the best path for yourself and loved ones.

tree-of-abundanceThere’s an old saying, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”In order to teach, we must learn, and in order to learn, we must heal.    We teach what we need to learn and we learn what we need to teach.  When we teach (heal) others, we heal ourselves even more.Even though the lines are blurred between healing, learning and teaching, it’s important for us to take the time to walk for a while in each role so we know what they are so we’ll be ready.For when the time comes we will respond and appear.  Yet who will we be?  Teacher or student?  Healer or healed? The School of Counseling systematically takes it’s Certification Students through the levels of HEALING, LEARNING &TEACHING.  abundant-goddessLetter from the Dean The School of Counseling employs confluent learning–the synergizing of intellectual, emotional and behavioral learning.  You learn ideas, anchor them in your feelings and sensations and do useful things with the ideas.   Phase 1: Healing and Learning for Yourself:  In one of our courses, for example, you learn concepts (such as forgiving a past abuser whom you confuse with someone you know now), re-enact a situation with an abuser, notice the bodily reactions and decisions you made in the abuse situation.  You psychodramatically express feelings beyond what you were able to do in the original situation.  You then enact a abuse-free alternative situation that lets you revise self-limiting decisions you imprinted during the abuse.  You then relate without confusion to the person who reminds you of your abuser.   So that’s phase 1, learning confluently, healing your hurts, lessening your limitations, supporting your pleasures and potentials.  You use what you learn for yourself. Schouten---Into-the-GardenIn phase 2: To teach, we must learn; to learn, we must heal.  When we teach (heal) others, we heal ourselves even more.  We teach what we need to learn; we learn what we need to teach.   At the School of Counseling we experience ourselves as the healed, healers and teachers of healers.  It’s important for us to take the time to walk for a while in each role so we know what they are. The School of Counseling systematically takes Certification Students through the levels of HEALING, LEARNING &TEACHING.   Sasha Lessin, Ph. D., Dean, School of Counseling Experience the roles of emotional releaser, fair witness, aware ego, reprogramming coach, group leader and spokesperson for School of Counseling.   Students facilitate one another in healing processes.  Advanced level students develop self-confidence and presentation skills, leading seminar segments.
1 hour $150.00 (USD)
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