Tantra Certification – Instruction for Couples/Pairs

Tantra School, School of Tantra, Maui, Hawaii, USA, Teachers Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha LessinAt the School of Tantra, first, we train you to become aware of your seven chakra levels of consciousness: belonging, sensuality, empowerment, love, communication, vision and spirituality.

Then second, you learn how to help individuals, couples, groups, and humanity also become aware and fully-functional at these seven Modules.

Join us. Learn, grow, evolve, become conscious. Wake up. As each of us does our part, wakes up, becomes aware and conscious, we help the planet grow, evolve, become conscious. We’re saving our own lives. It’s time. We ARE worthy.

Help humanity to evolve and become the conscious, kind, loving civilized civilization that we all know deep in our hearts is possible. We’ve felt it in our bones, we’ve longed for it in our souls. Now we experience it personally, inter-personally, and collectively.

Come Study with us:

Penn&Teller-Janet&Sasha-TantraIndividual Classes, Private Sessions or our Certification Programs

Five Levels of Certification:

Level I – Certified Tantra Practitioner (C.T.P.)

Level II – Certified Tantra Coach (C.T.C.)

Level III – Certified Tantra Lecturer (C.T.L.)

Level IV – Certified Tantra Instructor (C.T.I.)

Level V – Professor of Tantric Studies (P.T.S.)

There are 10 classes per level.  Students study for personal use or to receive certification.

To receive certification you need to complete homework and email written responses to your instructor for review and comments.

You need to complete all to the satisfaction of your professor.

There are several ways students cover the 10 classes required for each level.

Private, In-Person Instruction for Couples/Pairs only:
Students meet with their professors in person or virtually for 15 hours- 5 sessions, 3 hours per session for 5 days.  Typically we meet Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 or 10 AM ending between 1 and 3 PM depending on if we take breaks and for how long.
The mood is easy, relaxed, and flowing so we work with the energy we co-create.  In-person tutorials tend to be more personal and therapeutic than a group class.  Students can schedule more time if they want or find they need more time for a class at the rate of $150/hour if they go over 3 hours per day.  Students are given homework that they complete between sessions.  Students complete all the exercises with their partner.
You must complete one level before taking the next as they build upon one another.
Each level of certification requires students to complete 10 classes per level.  To receive certification students need to complete homework and email written responses to their instructor for review and comments.  Students to complete all assignments to the satisfaction of your professor in order to progress to the next level.

There are several ways Students cover the 10 classes required for each level.
IN-PERSON – Students that are attending in-person schedule time with us at $150 per hour for two people, total 15 hours.  This class is available for couples or pairs only.
Use the scheduling system to reserve 5 sessions of 3 hours per session.  In-person tutorials are more personal and therapeutic than a group class.  We can do your in-person classes on Skype, Zoom or physically in person.  Students may schedule more time if he or she wants or finds they need it.  Students are given homework between sessions.
Students who want certification complete written instructions via email or online on their own time. The professor typically returns comments and suggestions within a few days up to a week.  It could be longer if the Professor is traveling.  Students have three months to complete each level. Cost for class review and feedback is $50 per person per class.
Zoom classes (on internet) – Register for classes via Zoom.  We send you the link for the class. You click and enter the class.  These classes are 90 minutes per class and cost $100.
The Certified Tantra Instructor is Level IV.  You would have to start with Level I and work your way through all levels.
Financing is available through PayPal.
If you have any questions write schooloftantra@gmail.com or call 808-244-4103.

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