Learn theory, technique and applications of gestalt meditation and psychodramas.  Get concepts and personalize gestalt self-regulation by your need priorities. Explore Schiffman’s gestalt self-therapy technique. Practice personal and professional applications of gestalt orientation to relationships and sexual loving. Learn, practice and facilitate your own and another’s dreamwork using gestalt, Jungian, dream fitness and art therapy, and psychodrama techniques.


* Transcend neurosis; practice organismic self-regulation.

* Embrace opposite voices within you and between you and others.

* Expand your awarness of inevitable bonding patterns, yours and others’.

* Synergize thinking, feeling and behavior–your own and others’.

* See if the gestalt development sequence guides you well.

* Get past games and impasses; let creativity emerge.

* Experiment; live from gestalt ideals.

* Practice direct communication in the-here-and-now and the I-and-thou.

* End unconsciously controlling others with questions.  Delve others’ concealed interest in questions they pose.

* Give immediacy to past situations and future projections* Keep expressing your feelings to absent people.

* Accept in yourself-traits you perceive and dislike in others.

* Explore what hiding info from others does in your ecology.

* Say “Goodbye.” Overcome hanging-on reactions.

* Honor your need and others’ needs for rhythmic contact and withdrawal

.* Mine your dreams.

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